About Bayside Marine Design

Ed's career started in aviation electronics and moved into marine electronics for a few years. Afterword he moved into electronics engineering where he was a design engineer and engineering manger for 20 years. Always interested in 'boats' he decided to enroll in Westlawn to take their yacht design program. He also signed up with another school called Yacht Design School run by MacNaughton Yacht Design. Both programs gave him a good background for small craft design. That experience plus all of his years as an electronics engineer have given Ed a thorough background in small craft design and engineering.

After his new yacht design education was underway he went to Eastport, Maine where he worked with  yacht designer Tom MacNaughton in Eastport. He worked with the designer for three years before venturing out on his own. Ed says, "You can learn a lot about yacht design from books alone if you're smart, but working for an accomplished professional as I did is priceless." While in his own practice Ed started teaching part-time for the Eastport Boat School then started working full-time. Ed became the director of the school for its last year of operation under Husson University. Ed taught marine electrical and electronic systems, manual and CAD drafting, small craft design and assisted in boat building classes. Ed also was involved with Professional Boat Builder Magazine's E-training where he offered marine electrical courses.

    Ed brings not only vessel design experience, but also project management and marine electrical/electronic/computer system expertise to Bayside Design. Ed holds 4  ABYC certifications as well as NMEA certification in marine eletronics installation and ACMA certification in composites (CCT).

Ed has an affinity for boats in the under 30 foot class of  boats and prefers wood construction. He also has a love for nautical history, especially submarines.. Another area of interest is electrically powered small boats. His last boatbuilding project at the Eastport Boat School was a 16' electrically powered skiff. Ed designed the boat and the electrical drive system. The boat was built by the last School class where they learned many different aspects of boatbuilding. Ed currently is the proud owner of this boat. There will be more of these boats off his board in the future.


Our Philosophy

In recognizing the importance of 'Doing It Right The First Time', we strive to produce the highest quality designs and documentation possible for the client. We will strive to help the client get the best product from us by consulting and discussing with the client their  exact needs while advising them on all aspects of the project as the project moves along. We believe that good communication is the key to a good final product. Our design focus is on boats up to 35 feet in length.


Our Servcies

We are a small service company located in Georgetown, South Carolina Our office is in our home which allows us to keep our expenses down. This in turn allows us to keep the fees we charge to our clients very reasonable.  We have two fulltime staff members as well as availability of other designer/draftspersons.  Our experiences include complete vessel design in the marine industry that designs marine vessels. We also offer complete drafting and documentation services to companies that design vessels. This includes drafting work on current projects as well as maintaining and making any required modifications to existing drawings for existing vessels in which we have the software for including doing old-fashioned pencil and paper drafting. We also specialize in Electrical and Electronic System design for marine vessels. An area of expertise we are developing is electrically propelled boats.



Doing Business

If you feel we may be able to help you, you can contact us by telephone, email, or regular mail. We would like the opportunity  to see if we can accommodate you. We are here to help you whether it is a simple one time job or something that may stretch out over a long period of time. Our fees are reasonable and you do not have to worry about benefits or laying us off. Our fees are as listed, however we reserve the right to quote at other rates if the work is more complex than usual or if it is simpler than listed in our services. Use this list as an indicator as to costs.

     1. 2D drafting CAD or manual, new or updates   $ 30.00 per hour

    2. 3D modeling and Renderings                           $ 45.00 per hour

     3. Vessel or other design work                            $ 45 per hour

     4. Consulting work                                              $ 45 per hour


We would also quote on long term rates on a contract basis instead of an hourly basis. This could save you money depending on the job.

Our terms would be Net Due in 30 days after work is done and satisfactory. Long term work would require regular payments depending on length of contract.