Stock Electrical Design Plans


Bayside Marine Design is pleased to offer electrical plans for the amateur boat builder. These plans are fully detailed and can be used

in a variety of boat building projects. All you need to do is match the length of your boat project to an Electrical Plan size and you will

be able to wire your new boat, re-wire an existing boat or add new equipment to an existing boat. The plans are designed to ABYC

Standard E-11. All of the wire sizes and circuit protection values are calculated so all you have to do is follow the wiring diagrams and

purchase equipment to the specifications stated in the recommended parts list. All navigation lights shown in the plans are the

required types for the size boat the plans are meant for and meet current US Coast Guard requirements. These plans are for

recreational boats only. If you are going to carry passengers for hire or do commercial fishing contact this office before purchasing any plan set.


                             Plans Available:             

   DC only system      up to 21 feet LOA     open boat   Outboard               35.00
   DC only system      up to 21 feet LOA     cuddy cabin   Outboard/Inboard/ I/O               35.00
   DC and Shorepower      up to 21 feet LOA     cuddy cabin   Outboard/Inboard/ I/O               55.00
   Shorepower only      up to 35 feet LOA      any type   Outboard/Inboard/ I/O               25.00
    Simple DC system      up to 21 feet LOA     open boat   Outboard 30.00


                                        These plans are for fiberglass and wood vessels only. Do not use on steel or aluminum boats.


                              Plans in the near future:  Plans are being finalized for boats up to 30 feet in length. Also coming in the near

                                                        future are plans for an electric inboard drive system for boats up to 18 feet in length.


                              What do the plans contain?

                                                            Plans show all wiring sizes and circuit protection values. All of the equipment shown in

                                                            the plans have all required specifications listed if you do not want to purchase the exact

                                                            equipment specified. The equipment in the plans is chosen as the most likely found and desired

                                                            by the owner of a boat in the size class of the plan set. Expansion is provided for in the plans for

                                                            extra equipment with out the worry of overloading your system. Full schematic is broken down

                                                            into smaller parts so you can better understand how it is all connected. Suggested wiring panel

                                                            layout is provided. There is also some educational type material to help you understand proper

                                                            wiring techniques and many notes are on the schematics to point out important features and items

                                                            you need to be aware of. All schematics are CAD generated. All other documentation

                                                            is computer documented so all information is easy to read.



                                To Order:                  E-mail us telling us what plan set you are interested in. Briefly describe your boat project so we

                                                            make sure you are ordering what you need.