The BMD Marine Tech Blog

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Welcome to The BMD Marine Tech Blog. This Blog has been created to provide educational material related to boat building and all related subjects including maintaining, surveying and designing boats under 100 feet for both amateur and professional boat builders and related marine professionals. The posts and articles on this blog site will be written for both amateur and professional boat builders, particularly professionals just starting out. In addition to educational articles, I will be posting projects from my work as a boat designer and marine electrician that I think will be of interest to the boating enthusiast. Another area that I will be covering is marine product reviews. There are many marine products out there, some are better than others. In most cases they do what they claim, however the problem is that people buy gear that is wrong for the type of boating they do.I want the Reviews to be able to help people make the right choices. This Blog is a learning Blog and will be full of content that will be useful to amateurs as well as professionals. If there is a topic are you would like covered just let me know.