About Me


My name is Edward Scott. I am a professional yacht designer and marine electrician I own a design firm named Bayside Marine Design. I have also done marine surveying concentrating on power boats. I taught at the Boat School in Eastport, Maine that was part of the Washington County Community College in Calais, Maine and later under Husson University in Bangor, Maine. The school taught everything from building to electrical to mechanical systems and basic design. It was a complete boatbuilding education.In addition to being an instructor I was the Director of the school while it was under Husson University up until Husson closed the school in 2012. My days at the school were very fulfilling and are the reason I have started this blog. There are very few places in the United States where a person can learn all of the facets of boat building and practically no opportunities for amateur builders. Anybody who has had the opportunity to look at some of the newer high tech boats out there knows that the technology is impressive but believe it or not there are only a couple of schools in the US that cover all the subjects required to build and maintain these boats, most schools stop at the building of the boat and go no further into any electrical or mechanical systems. So where do the ‘pros’ go? The school of hard knocks that’s where and usually the boating public pays for that education in many unpleasant and expensive ways. I hope to provide some of that necessary education with this blog. Prior to my marine career I was an electronics engineer for many years as well as an avionics technician and a marine electronics technician. I was into marine electronics back in the day when a tech installed new gear, and when it failed, removed the gear to take it apart and replace electronic components to put the gear back in operation, usually after an hour or two of troubleshooting, like I said back in the day. Marine electronics techs no longer do that type of work any longer. I learned Yacht design from The Westlawn School of Yacht Design as well as Yacht Design School from MacNaughton Associates. I worked for Designer Tom MacNaughton for 5 years as well as started a firm with two partners. That firm is Moose Island Design and I am still affiliated with MID.